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February 26, 2010

Daily Inspiration…Nature is full of amazing colors

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I am a huge fan of everything India and find an enormous amount of inspiration from the culture, epecially the colors, found in their daily lives. I believe that we, as Americans, tend to forget that the many beautiful colors found in color trends each year (clothing, paint, accessories, artwork, etc…) have their roots in nature. To remember this, I tend to look at produce at farmers markets or watch one of my many discovery videos (lol). Nature is something we tend to take for granted. If we all take a momment to reflect on nature and its bountiful resources, we will again appreciate and come to the recognition that all comes from nature, if not as the source, as the inspiration.

I recently learned something about India that I had not heard of before…the Holi Festival. This is the celebration of the beginning of spring. The leaves are starting to turn green and nature is popping up all sorts of beautiful colors. Holi is celebrated by people throwing powdered paint at one another in various bright colors. The festival is said to be an amazing time, where people let loose and celebrate as one. Something I find amazing, other than the powders made of herbs and dried leaves, is that everyone comes together as one to celebrate. This includes the citizens of India, as well as, the tourists. Discrimination and race do not play a part in this festival, this celebration. Besides, once we are all covered in pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue…there are no shades of black, white, or brown.

We could all learn something from the Holi Festival. Nature has spoken.


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