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August 29, 2011

Color As A Design Influencer

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When I think of design, a myriad of colors come to mind automatically. We are all influenced by the colors we see daily. Do you believe that the trends viewed in magazines, stores, clothings, etc affect what colors we are drawn to at any given time? Some believe highly in color forecasting. This can also be known as color brainwashing in a sense. Not in a negative way, by any means, but we are all so bombarded with the new trends and forecasts that at times we forget to notice that our interests have possibly changed to what is “in” at the momment. I know I have done this myself.

Not all colors are for everyone. There is a school of thought that colors actually create emotional reactions from people. For example, if someone loves green, then they are feeling more calm when they are around this particular color group. I do believe that colors provoke emotions, but I also believe that design can break some of these emotional barriors depending on how the colors are used together. For example, I am not a fan or red. I have not been for as long as I can remember. But, I design for my clients using red as the primary color constantly. I have found many pleasing palattes and cohesive designs based along a red color scheme. None of which have made me feel the negative feelings I usually have for the color.

My advice would be to try and enjoy colors for what they are, inspiration. It is amazing how every color we have seen in the numerous fan decks we have acquired, actually have their roots in nature. So, walk around and take in what you see.  No matter what city, state, or country you may be residing. Colors are all around us, influencing us, and creating new ways to work harmoniously together one design idea at a time.


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