Cohabitation With Design

October 13, 2011

Ways to Soften a Space

What comes to mind when you think about your home and how the interior feels to you? Does it feel relaxed, casual, formal, hard, or sterile? I would have to say that with all home interiors, one common goal is to have the feeling of comfortability that this is home. A place where you are out of the public eye for a moment and can just be. One way to make this easier for the home owner is to soften the space. By using the term “soften,” I am referring to the use of soft goods. This would include window treatments, rugs & carpeting, bedding, pillows, and throws. It is actually amazing what these simple items can either add, or if missing, detract from a space.

Here are a couple examples of how this works…

It can be as simple as what size of rug to purchase for a space that may allow an individual to keep from softening their spaces. It is the fear of the unknown and of making a mistake. My clients constantly tell me these exact reasonings behind why they have lived for x amount of years uncomfortable and dreaming of how their homes could look; just not knowing how to get to the desired look. When in doubt, check with an interior designer. This will help you avoid mistakes, wasted money, and time.


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