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June 30, 2015

Why hire an Interior Designer?

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Hiring an interior designer for your home is like going to the ophthalmologist to check your vision. The ophthalmologist is the most qualified professional in the field of vision, so of course, there would be no question whether he/she is the correct choice for your eye health. The same can be said when it comes to the remodel or design of residential and/or commercial spaces. Why would you not trust the experience of a qualified interior designer to make your space magnificent?


There are many benefits to hiring a trained professional interior designer. We would like to cover a few of these reasons…

Saves $$-hiring an interior designer can help to avoid making costly mistakes. Many like to think they can do the work just as well as an interior designer and try to make all of the decisions themselves. Many times this leads to mistakes that cost not only time, but money. Designers have a trained eye that will help to avoid these mistakes.

To-the-trade only contacts and acts as a liaison-interior designers have many resources that the general public are not privy to, which can be a huge benefit to the home owner/business owner. Interior designers also have many trade contacts, such as contractors, sub-contractors (plumbers, tile installers, electricians, handymen) that they stand behind the work of, which eases fear of selecting the wrong person for the job. Designers will be able to act as the liaison between these trade professionals and the home/business owner to ensure no mistakes are made and the work is progressing on schedule.

Brings vision to life and increases re-sale value-interior designers are able to bring a clients’ vision to reality in an aesthetically pleasing and spatially appropriate fashion. Using their trained eye and knowledge of the industry, interior designers are able to assist in increasing the resale value of properties..The investment in a professional interior designer can quite possibly make you money in the long run.



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