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August 24, 2015

Skull Design Train

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Why do we as a society like to use skulls, whether subtly or obviously, in our interior décor? There seems to be a fascination with skulls that interior designers and DIY’ers alike have taken ahold of and run with. There are actually very cool designs that have been created around the use of skulls in interior design. Some though, may feel that the use of skulls is morbid and focuses on our mortality instead of focusing on living. We would say that skulls are just another fascinating motif to design with and that they should be seen as such. We ran across unique designs with skulls either as the main focus or added randomly into the mix of patterns, but above all, these designs are fun! Some of the best designs we saw including skulls were very girly spaces with soft, plush, pastel fabrics that also focus on skulls (whether is be a cow skull or a picture of a human skull). Wallpapers, fabrics, accessories have all joined in on the skull train. Enjoy!


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