Cohabitation With Design

October 13, 2015

HELP…an interior designer is here!


Now that Fall is upon us, it gives us more time to reconsider our interior spaces which sparks the desire to “redecorate” or as I much prefer, re-design. What is the one main reason these new projects do not come to fruition? Does it have to do with the need of professional design help, the lack of funds, feeling too busy with family and work life/balance all the time…I am sure the list could go on and on. We are here to help! Concept Interior Design is going to post tips and tricks every week to get some of these projects underway and to make you feel more at home in your house…for your house to become your refuge, your sanctuary.


The first step is recognizing that you are in need of design assistance. Some people feel hiring an interior designer is a luxury or that only the extremely wealthy hire a designer. This is vastly incorrect. We have clients all over the socio-economic range and with many levels of interior design needs. Some people may merely need a color consultation (which is important to the whole scheme of a room), some may need a whole house remodel. Big or small, if you find the designer who is right for you, the project will be fun and prosperous for all. Now, how can a designer help…

interior-design-tips-tricks-by-dubai-interiors-3-638So, tip number one is to find a designer who fits your needs. If a designer is truly talented, their overall style does not matter. What matters is that they are a chameleon. They are not ruled only by their style and their perspectives. They work with all types of design styles and most importantly listen to their clients to make their visions come to life in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way. Do not base a designer on their fee, but base a designer on their work, their personality, how good of a listener they are, and how inspired you feel after meeting/talking with them.



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