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December 22, 2015

Pattern Pattern Everywhere

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We live in a very busy world. BUT, if you take the time, you can awaken from the mundane daily slumber and begin to notice so many patterns all around you. It is actually pretty amazing! We are conditioned to go through our daily routines and feel that we are just getting by, we know, but open up your eyes big and wide and view the beauty around you and your soul will be re-energized. With 2016 on the horizon, there is no better time to start fresh and get inspired for the year ahead.

We would love for you to share any patterns you come across. If you are versed in photography, that is great. If you are not, taking a photo with your phone works just as well. It will be so motivating to see what different patterns each of us picks out of our daily surroundings!

Here are some beautiful and alluring images of patterns to get your ready to capture your own…


December 10, 2015

Holiday Decor

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With the holidays upon us, what is your biggest holiday décor obstacle? What is your favorite item to incorporate into your holiday décor? For many, decorating for the holidays feels like an obligation instead of a want or desire. In addition, one may get locked into the habit of recreating the same “look” year after year. If they happen to be asked about their holiday décor, they may truly not have an answer as to why it looks the way it does. Let’s change that!  There has never a better time to start new holiday décor traditions than NOW and give your holiday your own personal touch.

Let’s start by finding an item that “speaks to you,” that you feel you would love to include in your holiday décor. It can be anything really. This item gets you started and acts as a “base” for you to grow your design. For example, you may be in love with a gold antelope head with antlers and feel it is the perfect starting point. Take a look at this design below…


Another item to consider is how you want to display your tree (speaking if you celebrate Christmas). Do you want to have a traditional tree or possibly try something a little different this year…

Lastly, do not forget the outdoors, even if it is just adding some holiday fun to your balcony. Believe us, the glow from the lights will make you feel warm and bring a smile to your face.

 Remember, we are always here to answer any design questions you may have. You can send us a message here or take a look at our website and message us that way. Happy Holidays!

October 13, 2015

HELP…an interior designer is here!


Now that Fall is upon us, it gives us more time to reconsider our interior spaces which sparks the desire to “redecorate” or as I much prefer, re-design. What is the one main reason these new projects do not come to fruition? Does it have to do with the need of professional design help, the lack of funds, feeling too busy with family and work life/balance all the time…I am sure the list could go on and on. We are here to help! Concept Interior Design is going to post tips and tricks every week to get some of these projects underway and to make you feel more at home in your house…for your house to become your refuge, your sanctuary.


The first step is recognizing that you are in need of design assistance. Some people feel hiring an interior designer is a luxury or that only the extremely wealthy hire a designer. This is vastly incorrect. We have clients all over the socio-economic range and with many levels of interior design needs. Some people may merely need a color consultation (which is important to the whole scheme of a room), some may need a whole house remodel. Big or small, if you find the designer who is right for you, the project will be fun and prosperous for all. Now, how can a designer help…

interior-design-tips-tricks-by-dubai-interiors-3-638So, tip number one is to find a designer who fits your needs. If a designer is truly talented, their overall style does not matter. What matters is that they are a chameleon. They are not ruled only by their style and their perspectives. They work with all types of design styles and most importantly listen to their clients to make their visions come to life in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way. Do not base a designer on their fee, but base a designer on their work, their personality, how good of a listener they are, and how inspired you feel after meeting/talking with them.


September 10, 2015


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Camping indoors!

Camping indoors!

We just cannot get enough of kids rooms! Interior design has become quite common for these spaces and it shows. It seems the overly themed rooms have seen their better days and more uniquely designed rooms are leading the pack. We could not be happier with this turn of events. Kids rooms do not have to be the standard blue for boy and pink for girl. Let’s mix it up and have some fun! Wallpaper, rugs, bedding, lighting, storage, and accessories have all become quite intentional in regards to design for these rooms.

Have you recently worked on your own or with a designer on a child’s bedroom design? Did you let your child have a say in what they wanted for their rooms? Why or why not? We would love to see! Please feel free to share pictures and/or start a conversation!

September 3, 2015

Surface Art Fun: Concetto

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We love Concetto! An amazing way to dress up your space with your own individual style. Concetto– The Italian word for “Concept”, combines nature with technology to create luxurious surfaces. Concetto is created by fusing natural hues and designs with individually cut semi precious stones, some of which are translucent and can be backlit to make your space beautifully dramatic.These surfaces are heat resistant, stain and scratch resistant and extremely low maintenance.
Concetto can be used for furniture, vanities, kitchen counter tops and so much more. We truly believe that this product can create a “WOW” factor for any home or commercial space.
Take a look at some of the fun applications below…

August 24, 2015

Skull Design Train

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Why do we as a society like to use skulls, whether subtly or obviously, in our interior décor? There seems to be a fascination with skulls that interior designers and DIY’ers alike have taken ahold of and run with. There are actually very cool designs that have been created around the use of skulls in interior design. Some though, may feel that the use of skulls is morbid and focuses on our mortality instead of focusing on living. We would say that skulls are just another fascinating motif to design with and that they should be seen as such. We ran across unique designs with skulls either as the main focus or added randomly into the mix of patterns, but above all, these designs are fun! Some of the best designs we saw including skulls were very girly spaces with soft, plush, pastel fabrics that also focus on skulls (whether is be a cow skull or a picture of a human skull). Wallpapers, fabrics, accessories have all joined in on the skull train. Enjoy!

August 14, 2015

Wall Treatments…how to decide.

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How do you decide on what to do with those blank walls in your house? For many people trying to figure this out is very overwhelming. Honestly, there are so many fantastic options for wall treatments that the decision can be excruciating. As always though, my first bit of advise if you find yourself in this situation is to consult with an interior designer. That is what we do…consult with many different types of people to help them find the best solutions to their home design.

Next, really think about how you best want to represent yourself in your home design. Ultimately, that is what it becomes…a representation of who we are as individuals and what interests we hold dear. Remember that your house is your sanctuary and the main place you go for relaxation, comfort, family, friends, and to make memories. Be sure to select carefully in order to ensure you will love the outcome. Nothing is set in stone, but getting it right the first time will save you time and money. Consult your interior designer and enjoy how awesome your house looks! 🙂

Here are a couple ideas for wall treatments…wallpaper (permanent and removable), chalkboard, gallery wall of your favorite art, murals, paint, wood design, and tape design.

July 14, 2015

Design a Unique Kids Room….GO!

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Kids rooms are no longer the long-standing tradition of pink for girl and blue for boy. Oh, no. The sky is the limit with designing kids rooms. But, where do you start?

It is always best to start with a rug or another bold item that is to stand out in the room. For me, I have selected a great wallpaper for my son’s room that is going to be the “star” of the room. I am still planning on adding fun and funky elements in other areas, but this wallpaper is bold, so I want to let it stand out, as it is meant to do.

Next, select your furniture items to ground the room. Depending on the “bold item” you selected for the room, you may either want to stick with clean lines OR use this as an opportunity to add a bit more fun with a more ornate bed, such as a jenny lind style. After these items are selected, go ahead and work on your bedding, pillows, paint color, window treatments, and accessories. As we said before, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to décor in a kids room. Take a look at some of these great kids rooms and please feel free to share your own!

June 30, 2015

Why hire an Interior Designer?

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Hiring an interior designer for your home is like going to the ophthalmologist to check your vision. The ophthalmologist is the most qualified professional in the field of vision, so of course, there would be no question whether he/she is the correct choice for your eye health. The same can be said when it comes to the remodel or design of residential and/or commercial spaces. Why would you not trust the experience of a qualified interior designer to make your space magnificent?


There are many benefits to hiring a trained professional interior designer. We would like to cover a few of these reasons…

Saves $$-hiring an interior designer can help to avoid making costly mistakes. Many like to think they can do the work just as well as an interior designer and try to make all of the decisions themselves. Many times this leads to mistakes that cost not only time, but money. Designers have a trained eye that will help to avoid these mistakes.

To-the-trade only contacts and acts as a liaison-interior designers have many resources that the general public are not privy to, which can be a huge benefit to the home owner/business owner. Interior designers also have many trade contacts, such as contractors, sub-contractors (plumbers, tile installers, electricians, handymen) that they stand behind the work of, which eases fear of selecting the wrong person for the job. Designers will be able to act as the liaison between these trade professionals and the home/business owner to ensure no mistakes are made and the work is progressing on schedule.

Brings vision to life and increases re-sale value-interior designers are able to bring a clients’ vision to reality in an aesthetically pleasing and spatially appropriate fashion. Using their trained eye and knowledge of the industry, interior designers are able to assist in increasing the resale value of properties..The investment in a professional interior designer can quite possibly make you money in the long run.


June 24, 2015

Magical Wallpapers

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Wallpaper was often used as a basis for the décor of an entire home during the 19th and 20th centuries. The mood of the room was greatly affected by the choice of wallpaper selected. Wallpaper was seen as a luxury item and proved a homeowners wealth. Homes were thought of as a lasting investment, as opposed to the way the world works now in the 21st century, always on the go and moving from here to there. Regardless of its application though, it has been notated that “wallpaper has proved to be a most durable fashion.” By durable, we are discussing the long-lasting desire for homeowners and businesses alike to use wallpaper as part of their décor.

We are great fans of the use of wallpaper in the correct applications. Even using a small amount of paper on one accent wall can make a huge difference in the look & feel of a room.

A new line from Cole & Son has emerged that is a lot of fun. The collection is called Whimsical and is said to be roughly based on “classic childhood stories and fairy tales of our youth.” Enjoy!

Cole & Son Whimsical

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